Skeleton cops patrol their skull shaped world on the lookout for flesh covered zombies, while worrying if they will be able to make the mortgage payment on their house.

NIGHTWATCH: Main setting info.

Donald Frazier: An example character


Origin & Inspiration

NightWatch was another setting inspired by various LEGO creations which itself was inspired by a single painting I saw of a ghostly looking train in a high-tech city (wish I could remember where I saw that painting). It started off as mostly a joke, a role-reversal of everyday undead - albeit in a strange world - dealing with zombies which are actually just ordinary humans who somehow got trapped there.

As I started to seriously consider this as a possible RPG setting, it became necessary to expand the notion beyond the joke and start asking the 'what ifs' and 'whys', and from that, NightWatch as a cop show was born. The real struggle of the setting was physical nature of the world and a lot of ideas were explored. Then by chance, I saw an image of a skull with a grid overlaid upon it, making it look like city streets, and then the real work began on the setting...creating the planet Corpse, a skull shaped world.

The rest is just details.