Destroyer of Worlds


An epic sci-fi spiritual saga of a people who are born, die, and are reborn over thousands of years, and keep making the same mistakes

DESTROYER OF WORLDS: Main setting info

Origin & Inspiration

This one was nowhere on my gaming radar. Seriously, never put pen to paper, not a jot of idea, nothing. I had been playing in a Dune campaign and I had the idle thought, "How would I do a spiritual sci-fi setting?" And then like that, the central idea of Destroyer of Worlds came to me. It would draw on the Rama Cycle, reincarnation, vimana, and Indian history and myth.

Although I was already well acquainted with Hinduism, and India in general, to do justice to this setting, I did a deep dive into mythology, religion, spirituality, language, and a side dive into science exploring the formation of stars and planets. The project threatened to spiral out of control at several points so I had to reel it all back in to a manageable size, and leave other ideas and material for future documents.

I am proud of this setting and I believe I have honored those people from India who hold a special place in my heart.