Brave The Impossible


 Brave The Impossible is victorian age steam-punk in the aftermath of a Martian invasion. Secret societies abound as humanity reverse-engineers Martian technology, and the question remains...did the invasion end, or is it just beginning?

BRAVE THE IMPOSSIBLE: Main setting info.

Atomology: Random tables in case you need inspiration for atomological devices.

Royal Society of Natural History: A more detailed look at the society.

The Year 1870: A brief primer on the state of the world.

Martians: Martians, two secret societies, and dimensional infection

Lake Huron: An adventurous tension filled flight across the North Atlantic.


Ambrose Ashdown: An example character

Hattie Kalbrunner: An example character

Dr. Newton Lennox: An example character

John Paul Stanton: An example character

Origin & Inspiration

Brave The Impossible, at its core, began with LEGO. Sometime back, a great deal of the AFOL (Adult Friend of LEGO) community was building steampunk inspired LEGO creations (and still do) and many were beautiful. I tried my hand at it. The one thing that always bothered me was the lack of even a vague scientific notion as to how steampunk was supposed to work. In much the same way that Full Contact Magic was born because I needed a back-story, Brave The Impossible was born the same way. In this case, I had read a lot of the original steampunk masters, Wells and Verne, and through them came to the notion of steampunk being reverse engineering of the Martian invaders technology came to be.

Additional research into the 1800s through my involvement in Freemasonry led me to the plethora of various societies that were in vogue at the time and I found that their inclusion was a natural fit for the world of Brave The Impossible that was beginning to form. The rest as they say, is in the details.