Full Contact Magic


Full Contact Magic is a fantasy themed setting replete with elves and dwarves and halflings...but also a myriad of other races to play, and magic, and then there are magical mecha and tanks, and moons full of monsters. Confused? You'll figure it all out soon enough.

FULL CONTACT MAGIC: Main setting info.

Speed & Sorcery: Why bother having vehicles if you can't race them?

Stumbledorf's Guide to Lesser Known Magic Vol 1: Additional forms of magic.

Stumbledorf's Guide to Lesser Known Magic Vol 2: Additional forms of magic.

Stumbledorf's Guide to Lesser Known Folk Vol 1: Additional forms of magic.

Cabone: An example character.

Flabberbarst: An example character.

Shrumpht: An example character


Origin & Inspiration

Full Contact Magic sprang into being as an excuse for something else. A while back I took a break from gaming (for a lot of different reasons) and turned to my childhood pastime of LEGO as a creative outlet. Let's just say I had an odd sensibility when it came to creations. Heavily inspired by fantasy gaming, and anime (specifically a lot of Miyazaki films) I started to create flying skyships, fantasy mecha, and so forth. As LEGO released more and varied figures of fantasy or sci-fi races (orcs and dwarves for example), I incorporated them into these creations.

As a gamer at heart though, the one thing that I needed for these creations was back story. So, creation, by creation, built as a love letter to fantasy RPGs, movies, books, and anime, constricted by the choice of available LEGO pieces, a back story, a world that would become Full Contact Magic was built. Arcanomancy was a direct need to address the magical vehicles, while Ethermancy was created new for the setting.

The rest, as they say, is in the details.