A mecha-filled post-apocalypse. An intimate look at a semi-functioning society in the ruins of Los Angeles.

MECHAPOCALYPSE: Main setting info.


Origin & Inspiration

Another setting that started life close to 20 years ago now, originally for use with Savage Worlds. In the beginning, it was just broad outlines about how to use mecha and vehicles in a generic post-apocalypse, centered initially around Arizona. My thinking went to the Robotech series with mecha in deserts and ruins. At the time, I was using a lot of miniatures and table top terrain, and got a line on some mecha toys that were about 3 times the height of the people figures. There was a lot of customization, painting, and so on. It was fun, but unremarkable.

Like all my settings (successful or not, you be the judge), I try to avoid gimmick, and instead look for the novel approach. In revisiting MechaPocalypse I decided rather than try to give a standard world overview, I went for the intimate. I reduced all the focus of the setting down to one locale (in this case, The Southland (i.e. Los Angeles and environs)) and really tried to paint a picture of how it would all work.

While I included hints at what lays beyond, if the GM or players want to run adventures in some other locale, it is on them.

The rest of course, is just details.