We The People


The American War of Independence rages on, while a secret war waged between Freemasons and the Illuminati determines the fate of nations and the right to use magic.

WE THE PEOPLE: Main setting info.

A Magickal Examination: A selection of hexes (35 total) for use with We The People.

Benjamin Warren: An example character.


Origin & Inspiration

There is not much to tell about this one actually. I am history and philosophy addict, as well as a geek, and American, and a Freemason. It would seem that the nexus of those points is the American Revolution. I've longed to do an American Revolution setting for any game through the years, most "recently" with Savage Worlds 'bout round 2010. It didn't pan out.

The thing is, I always knew the central point of conflict and alteration from actual history would be the pursuit by the colonials for magical - and not religious - freedom. This in itself is not enough to run a game by or develop a setting. It's just a gimmick, a hook, a novelty. It needed to be more than that to put in the time to develop it.

Previously, I didn't include Freemasonry in the setting, thinking it would be taken as a form of recruitment or public-relations attempt. Then I really started having in-depth conversations with S. John Ross (he of Risus and other fame) who kept driving home this central point: Create For Yourself

This is, if you worry or hope how others will see your work, you've already handicapped yourself. You are creating for an imaginary audience when you do that, and the work suffers because it's not full of the awesome that comes from what you care about.

I take pride in being a Freemason. So I wrote a setting for myself, and myself only, full of Masonic angles, a secret war with the Illuminati and all the rest, but it is the stuff I love. And as it turns out, We The People is my most downloaded and popular setting. The rest is just details.