Scairy Tales


An apocalypse has come to the world of fairy tales, but to survive, Folk must start to believe in their own stories...and create new ones.

: Main setting info.

Guide to Wonderment: GM's information 

Scairy Tales Bestiary: A book of monsters and threats.

Origin & Inspiration

Oh man....where do I even begin?  I suppose we must travel back to DunDraCon circa 1996 or so. I'm trying to sell the D6 System to a gaming buddy as something we ought to try. I tell him it can do anything. He flippantly asks, "Can it do a fairy tale apocalypse on acid?"  So I spent the next few hours in the hotel room jotting down notes about what that might look like. I even wrote Scairy Tales across the top of the document. It didn't get played.

Around 2004, I'm now married with kids, visiting Disneyland, and my daughter is bored and just wants to look at her Pokemon cards, while my son only got really excited when he saw Power Rangers toys. Something clicked, and I remembered that original Scairy Tales concept and I compared and contrasted being at Disneyland, surrounded by fairy tales, and modern kids are more interested in Pokemon and Power Rangers. The rest of that trip, and the long drive home, my mind percolated on the idea that would eventually become Scairy Tales as written: A land of dreams brought low by a nightmare of disbelief.