One Page Worlds


For various reasons, the settings on this page exist as one page documents only. Maybe someday they will get the full treatment, maybe they will remain as is. Either way, enjoy.


A City Without A Name

The inspiration for ACWAN came directly from a game, a series of books, and a song, and written as (good-natured) commentary on millenials: Magical embodiments dwell in a magical city, get bored, and cause trouble.


The premise came to me as I was walking my dog one night, looking at the stars, and remembering a scene from Greg Bear's book, Forge of God: Helpless humans on earth watched "stars" exploding as an alien war raged around them.

The humans of that story eventually got their answer to what happened...but the people of Fall? They never did, and it broke them.

Gears & Gaslights

Gears and Gaslights was the creation for the Risus One Page Challenge to create a non-Victorian steam-punk setting. It is basically D&D meets Ghostbusters.


Humanity flees earth in the face of alien invasion. OtherSide was inspired simply by Adele's song title and tone of the song, but not the actual lyrics. 

Sweet Home CSS Alabama

Sweet Home CSS Alabama was the creation for the Risus One Page Challenge to create a non-medieval high fantasy setting. It is basically A Princess of Mars meets The Final Countdown.